Rear addition and garage at 14-16 Exmouth Street (City of Saint John)
206 Norris Road (City of Saint John)

Common Council is swinging the axe on two more dilapidated buildings in the city. Council has approved staff recommendations to move forward with demolition of an addition and garage at 14-16 Exmouth Street and 206 Norris Road.

The Exmouth Street recommendation created a bit of a stir at council because the main portion of the building is occupied by tenants. It is the first time this situation has been encountered. Staff told council that section would remain intact and provisions would be made to make the adjoining wall water tight once the demolition is completed.

The estimated cost of demolition for the Exmouth Street property is $50,000 while the Norris Road demolition is estimated to cost $20,000. The city bills the property owners for the costs and if it can’t collect – applies to the province for reimbursement.