The Stantec review of Saint John Transit is recommending an overhaul of the system’s routes. The proposed route changes are included in a number of recommendations designed to make the system more efficient.

One of the proposals for streamlining routes and scheduling is the elimination of Sunday Service. The report is suggesting reinstating Sunday service be kept as a medium to long range option.

The proposal calls for most routes to operate between 6am and 6pm weekdays with 3 mainline routes including service to the Regional Hospital operating until 11:30pm. Service frequency would also undergo some changes. Saturday service would begin at 7am or 8am depending on the route with the three mainline routes ending service at 11pm.

The report recommends developing an “on request” service using the existing handi-bus system and targeted at specific neighbourhoods. A new proposed Express route would offer service along Bayside Drive to the Community College.

The Transit Commission is now working to develop an implementation plan based on the report’s recommendations. The Commission says community engagement will continue to be a priority as the plan is developed and the key strategies implemented. A copy of the report can be found here.