(Photo by CDC)

A big spike in the number of COVID cases in the past 24-hours. Public Health says 10 new cases have been confirmed – all in the Fredericton Central region. Three of the cases are people 19 and under – two are in their twenties – one in their thirties – one in their forties – one in their fifties – one in their sixties – and one in their seventies. All are self-isolating and the cases are under investigation.

Chief Medical Officer of Health – Dr Jennifer Russell – says she suspects a number of the cases are connected – but – the spike in cases in one day is concerning. Russell says “we are also assessing the situation to see if further action is required to control the spread.”

With the spike – the number of active cases has jumped to 34 with one in hospital in intensive care. There have been 9-COVID related deaths since the pandemic was declared last March.