New Brunswick’s Auditor General says the provincial government is falling behind in addressing the growing nursing home capacity demand. In here report released earlier today – Kim Adair-MacPherson says “the province is not ready for the increase in seniors requiring placement in a residential facility.”

Her report says while some beds have been added – there is a long waiting list for nursing home placements that is causing pressures on hospitals and resulting in additional costs. Seniors incapable of looking after themselves often end up in hospital until there is an opening in a nursing home.

Adair-MacPherson is making a number of recommendations including the addressing of issues in the review of the nursing home plan – the development of performance indicators with specific targets – and public reporting.

The Auditor General says the scope of this report is not related to the COVID-19 pandemic. A number of long term care facilities have been hit by outbreaks of the virus among residents and staff.