Image by Tumisu from Pixabay

The provincial government is working a on new plan to address concerns about travel restrictions for rotational workers. Premier Blaine Higgs says tighter border restrictions have been hard on people. The Premier says “I have heard these concerns – specifically from rotational workers and their families.”

Higgs says the plan is being developed by Public Health and will be presented to Cabinet and the all party committee on COVID-19 duriing the second week of March.

Meantime – a pilot project is underway to provide rapid testing for asymptomatic people who regularly travel across the border for work or other specific purposes and truck drivers. A pharmacy in Hartland will provide rapid testing for people who provide proof they regularly cross the border.

Weekly testing for these groups has been encouraged – but – not enforced. Premier Higgs says the trucking industry and others have been consulted – and – there are concerns about access to testing. Higgs says “we want to make sure that testing is made easily available so that it does not place an unreasonable burden on people.”

More pharmacies are expected to join the program in the coming weeks.