Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

A large jump in the number of confirmed COVID cases reported today. Public Health says there are 27-new cases – 14 of them in the Edmundston region and 11 in the Moncton Zone. There are two new cases here in the Saint John region – both people classed as 19 and under.

Edmundston remains in LOCKDOWN with tight restrictions in a bid to gain the upper hand on the virus while Moncton remains in the RED Level.

There are 313-active cases around the province with 35 here in the Saint John region. There are 152-active cases in the Edmundston Zone and 77-active cases in the Moncton region. The total cases of COVID since the pandemic was declared last March now sits at 1202. Four people are in hospital with two in intensive care units. There have been 16-COVID related deaths in the province.