Image by Gerd Altmann from PIxabay

The death toll from COVID now stands at 16 with the report today of two deaths – one resident of Lily Court at Shannex in Millidgeville and one in the Edmundston region. Public Health says both people were in their seventies.

Update at 6:33pm January 27-21 – “Today’s reported death is a recent one at Parkland Saint John’s Tucker Hall,” said Bruce Macfarlane, Communications Director, Department of Health. “This case was previously reported as a recovered case but has been now determined as a COVID-19 related death.

Meantime – 14-new cases of COVID have been confirmed in the past 24-hours including one here in the Saint John region. Six of the cases are reported in the province’s hotspot – the Edmundston region. There are five new cases in the Fredericton River Valley region and two cases in the Moncton region.

The number of active cases now sits at 327 with 37 here in the Saint John region. Since yesterday – 24-people have been deemed recovered. Six people are in hospital – two of them in intensive care.